Monday, 10 June 2019

Last Post

Hi! It's my last post in here. So today I want to show you some really good books about a mythology. If you enjoyed my post and you liked mythology, these are great for you! They're not just some old boring mits. Most of the acctions happens in modern world, that's why they are special.

    1. 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians' – Rick Riordan
A whole series about a young demigod and his friends. Percy finds out that his father is a greek god of sea- Poseidon. Since that time his life totally changed. He goes to the special camp for demigods where he meets Anabeth and finds out that Grouver is a satyr. Books are about a danger advencures of three friends.

    2. 'Loki – the Liar' – Jakub Ćwiek
God is gone and he doesn't seems to came back, so Angels need to take matters in their hands. It's not easy becouse a lot of old gods and goddeses shows up. Including Loki – Norse god of lais. He made a deal with angels to do for them dirty job, like catching demons, in return for angel's feather, that he was planing to use in secret target. Loki proved to be realluy good in that and he bacame a 'triggen of heavens'.

    3. 'Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard' – Rick Riordan
Book about a young mystery homeless boy, whose life changed after his dead. Magnus in the age of sixteen after a talk with hated uncle Radolph finds out that his is son of norse god – Frey. Uncle also tells him about his birth: a weapon that has been lost for thousand years. But he doesn't really know what that means.

These are three my favourite books, but they're also just three. There a loot more of them, like all Rick Riordan uniwerse and of course behind books – a story: 'Hercules'
So it's time to say goodbay. It's been a while of time in which I got better in my english skills. I hope you enjoyed my posts and changed your minds about mythology: they're not just boring mits!


My last post

Guys thats my last post and its really sad and hard to belive that is end. In this year I learned more words, sentences and about celebrities in the world. I'm really happy that I gave you ledge about good artists, which I know long time. I hope that you liked me and my flighty posts on this blog. I feel that part of you know listen those singers. I want to thank you everyone for follow my operations here. I feel really sad that I must to end it and I can't tell you about more stars, which deserves for attention.
Power Britney and Madonna's smile let be with you!



Britney Spears

Guys, today it is my last post about singer, well i think that i shoulde tell you about most iconic star who is Britney Spears. She was born in McComb 1989, 2 December. She is known as dancer, singer, songwriter, actor, iconic star in XX age and gay community celebrity in our time.
She started her career in Brodway next in many music company which helped Britney released her fisrt song anv music video to track ,,Hit Me Baby One More Time">LINK<. We can find she in book Guinness' Records. She changed style of music our decade and was a big surprise for all people in the world. On this moment most popular song from Britney is ,,Toxic" which became anthem for gay people and girls >LINK<.
I hope that you will like Britney Spears.

See you soon


Sunday, 9 June 2019

My last post

Hey everyone!

It's The end of the school year, and with that The end of all The blogs. By now you all know i am from Poland and i was writing to you guys in English and it helped me improve my English skill.

1.My first post
3.Helthly food
6.Mia and the white lion
7.Strange sytuation
8.Boar in the garden
9.Fun jump
12.Aprill Fol's Day
13.Friend from Canada
14.The best pancakes in the world
15.My brother a Seilor
16.Avengers: End Game
17.Junior high school bal
18.A small trip to Świnoujście
19.A strange fish
20.Dance and vacation
21.My last post

I hope everyone enjoyed my storie, and I hope that i made you guys laugh, because i learned a lot.

Bye now and thank you all that you were with me this while Time.

Last post

So, this is my last post. Writing here was quite fun, I've learned many things about animals I like. I'm sure I'll try to write somewhere else but only in my free time, ergo I won't have to rush with anything. I hope that my hobby someday lead my family to conclusion that I would take really good care about tarantula or snake. I would love to have one on my own.
Take care!

Bye everyone!

Hello everone, this is the goodbye post! I really enjoyed posting here and sharing my opinions about so many criminal or mystery series, I'll miss that. Thanks to this blog, my vocabulary as well as fluency in English definitely improved. Finally, I can tell you which series are my absolute favourites and worth watching!
  1. Prison Break LINK
  2. Designated Survivor LINK
  3. Guilt LINK
  4. Breaking Bad LINK
  5. Sherlock LINK
  6. Lucifer  LINK

Tiny snake

Although little is known about the habits of the Barbados threadsnake, some scientists hypothesize that its small size combined with its burrowing lifestyle probably compels it to feed on insect larvae, especially those of ants and termites, found in the soil. Female members of the species are egg layers that produce a single large elongated egg. Hatchlings are approximately one-half the size of a full-sized adult. The Barbados thread snake only measures 4 inches long when full grown. This means he won’t be swallowing rodents or other small mammals like most snakes do. It’s unlikely that a smaller snake is to be discovered, since diet could make it impossible for a baby snake to survive. The offspring of a snake smaller than the Barbados thread snake would likely be unable to find anything small enough to fit in its tiny mouth. Due to its small stature, the Barbados thread snake only lays one egg at a time, rather than the large clutches of larger snakes. When hatched, the infant snakes are already 2 inches long, half their adult length. 

My last post...

Hi guys...

It's really hard to belive this is the last time I'm writing this sentence. And also - the last time I'm writing here something. My last post, my last chance to say to you how I'm feeling, how great was when I shared with you my opinions about movies I watched.

The end of my last year in middle school. I'll miss everything what I discovered and everyone who I met. And I'll miss writing to you, of course. It's really, really hard to belive this is the end.

I showed all of you a lot of great horrors. My posts will be here and you can read it again if you want. This page won't be delete. I hope you enjoyed by reading my post as much as I was.

And for the last time - bye everyone!
I'll miss this

'El Orfanato'

Hello readers!

In today's post I'll tell you about great horror that I watched last winter. Whole mysterious climate made me that much in love with this spanish movie. The director is Juan Antonio Bayona, the original title is 'El Orfanato' and the english title is 'Orphanage'.

The story is about Laura (Belén Rueda) and Carlos (Fernando Cayo). They're marriage couple and they moving with their adopted son - Simon (Roger Príncep) - to old, big orphanage. Laura lived here when she was kid. Alfter couple of days, Simon starts seeing weird, bad kid that played with him in game. On the party, boy disappeard and Laura must find him before HIM will do it.

The story for me is very interesting. Maybe, If you don't like spanish language, you won't be that exciting like I was but do not focus on sounds, focus on the plot, because it's really, really good. I recomend this movie for all of horror-lovers!

See you!

My last post.

Hi everyone!
This is my last post here, i really enjoyed writing on this blog and I hope you enjoyed my posts and you likes them. I’m glad I could show all of you my yummy recipes. I hope you at least once used my recipes.

Remember that cooking should be fun and the food should be nice and taste nice. I hope you’ll not forget about my recipes and use them in the future.

While I was writing my blog I definitely improved my English language and skills also I discovered some recipes. It was a very fun time here.

I really hope you all liked my posts and thank you all for being with me :).

Designated Survivor (s03) - review

Hi! In this post I want to tell you about brand new Designated Survivor season 3, which came out few days ago and it's made by Netflix this time. I just finished it and I'm still a little bit emotional, but I have to admit, that I also feel shortage. I think, producers should do something 'wow' at the end, but maybe some people think otherwise. I like seeing the President so strong and determined, after all. There are some new characters and a new threat to USA, which Kirkman is trying to solve. 

I really enjoyed this season, but it could be better, to be honest. It's still one of my favourite series and I can't wait for the next part! You can read my another post about Designated Survivor on this blog and if you like TV shows like this one, I think you should watch it.


Twelve Olympians

Twelve Olympians are the main gods and godesses in the Greek mythology. They mostly live on the Mount Olymp, but some of them prefer diffrent houses, like Poseidon, he lives in his kingdom in water and Hades lives in the underground. In today's post I present you the Gods of Olymp.

Zeus- King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus; god of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice.

Hera- Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage, women, childbirth and family

Poseidon- God of the seas, water, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and horses.

Demeter- Goddess of the harvest, fertility, agriculture, nature and the seasons.

Athena- Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare

Apollo- God of light, the sun, prophecy, philosophy, truth, inspiration, poetry, music, arts, medicine, healing, and plague.

Artemis- Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, virginity, the moon, archery, childbirth, protection and plague.

Ares- God of war, violence, bloodshed and manly virtues.

Aphrodite- Goddess of love, pleasure, passion, procreation, fertility, beauty and desire.

Hephaetus- Master blacksmith and craftsman of the gods; god of the forge, craftsmanship, invention, fire and volcanoes.

Hermes- Messenger of the gods; god of travel, commerce, communication, borders, eloquence, diplomacy, thieves and games.

See you soon!

Lucifer (s04) - review

Hi! In today's post I'm going to tell you something about Lucifer season 4. As you know, I've already reviewed previous seasons, but this one came out this May and this time it was made by Netflix (In fact, Netflix literally saved this show, so please, if you are going to watch it, use legal resources!). To be honest, I was quite in shock when I realized that this part of Lucifer is actually the best one, but it has only 10 episodes and this made me disappointed. 

In this season we are meeting actual Eve. Yes, Eve from Eden. She becames one of the most relevant characters in the series, but at first she's turning Lucifer's life over and many people hate her for that. Eve is definitely crazy and reckless, but also very positive. Among the Lucifer's fans, her character has a lot of admirers and opponents as well. In my opinion she's a nice, interesting change in the show. 

If you watched other seasons of Lucifer, you'll be delighted while watching this one, but if you haven't done that yet, I highly recommend it for every fantasy and crime fan.


Saturday, 8 June 2019

When They See Us - review

Hello! In this post I'm coming to you with a real masterpiece, which is When They See Us. It's a miniseries made by Netflix, based on the actual events, that have taken place since April 1988 in New York. It's a horrible story about the so-called 'Central Park Five', which are boys convicted to prison for a crime they never commited. During the episodes we can discover how these boys were feeling back then. The series was made with the help of the original victims, so actors did a great job playing them. While watching When They See Us people can feel many emotions like a true sadness or more likely anger, I cried all along the fourth episode, for example. I think, that every person should watch this series and get to know this particular story. 

There you can see comparative photos of the members 'Central Park Five' and actors, who are playing them:

Korey Wise (Jharrel Jerome)

Yusef Salaam (Ethan Herisse, Chris Chalk)

Antron McCray (Caleel Harris, Jovan Adepo)

Raymond Santana (Marquis Rodriguez, Freddy Miyares)

Kevin Richardson (Asante Blackk, Justin Cunningham)


Hi everyone!
This is my last post on this blog... I had a great time with you and I hope you too, with me. I wrote on this blog (to you) every weak for last nine months! Those posts helped me with english (vacabulary and writing). I hope my posts were helpful for you because that was super fun for me.

I've been writing about:

1. My first post!
2. Magical properties of aloe-review.
3. Blackhead mask.
4. Regenerum products.
5. Water with lemon?
6. Hybrid nails.
7. Coffee peeling.
8. Melissa.
9. What should we eat...
10. Smokey eye.
11. How to grow eyebrows?
12. Bathboom!
13. Beauty blender.
14. Eveline 8in1.
15. Bubble mask.
16. Black soap.
17. Activated carbon.
18. Bamboo gel.
19. Bake the face.
20. Eos.
21. Massage.
22. Banana and avocado mask.
23. Perfume-tricks.
24. Handmade candles.
25. Work out?
26. Three types od teas and their benefits.
27. Drinking water.
28. Honey face mask.
29. Beauty hacks.
30. Teeth whitening strips.
31. Strawberry mask.
32. Banana sugar peeling.
33. Piercing.
34. How to file nails properly?
35. Aloe face mask.

 Bye, and thank you!

Aloe face mask

today I'm going to show you a recipe for a aloe face mask to treat acne. I think that will be helpful for many of teenagers.

Why is it good?
Aloe vera is one of the many herbs or plants that offer multiple benefits. There is many recipes for many diffrent kind of mask with aloe.

You'll need: 
-aloe plant
-lemon juice

-Take your aloe vera plant and choose a thicker stem.
-Wash plant and cut it on stripes.
-Squeeze out as much aloe juice as possible into a bowl. 
-Add 1/8 teaspoon of lemon juice.
-Mix it.
Apply aloe mask on the face and neck and massage lightly, avoiding the eyes. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes. After that time wash it off with hot water. 

This aloe mask include lemon juice which works as a natural skin brightener. It also helps fade dark spots and acne scars, so your skin will look much clearer after a few uses. Beside that it can help improve blood circulation and it's great for detoxification. Also it's useful for burns, sunburns, irritation, allergies.
Bye for now!

Undercover - review

Hi! In this post I want to introduce to you Undercover, which is a Belgian series made by Netflix. It tells us a story based on facts about a pair of undercover agents who have to get to a powerful drug baron's life, so they pretend to be a couple and become his neighbour.

The first man on the photo is Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers) and he's one of the biggest ecstasy manufacturer in Europe. This character is played very well, because he has personality, but he's also tough and impulsive. It's hard to get his credit, as he's suspicious and wary. 

In my opinion Undercover isn't a masterpiece and in some of the moments it's quite boring, but producers had good intent and tried to make it more interesting. If you like series about drug cartels etc. you can watch it and share your opinion.

Bye for now!

The Society (s01) - review

Hi! Today I want to tell you about a new Netflix's production The Society. This series was one of my biggest expectations in this year and it hasn't disappointed me at all, in fact, in my opinion it's the best TV show directed to teenagers I've ever seen! This series tells us a story about a group of teenagers, who found themselves in their town - West Ham, but it was empty. I mean, there wasn't anyone besides them and roads leading outside the town were gone too. They have to create a normal society to live among themselves, but it's hard to them, considering the fact, that they're teenagers. It has ten episodes so far, but the second season has been announced.

There are so many important and relevant characters in The Society that I can't describe them all. Every person there matters, since they have to build a new West Ham. My favourite character is Grizz (Jack Mulhern), because he's really smart, charming and calm (let's be honest, everyone loves Grizz). I also like Campbell (Toby Wallace), he's mysterious and a little bit creepy, but he's got something interesting inside of him. 

One of the best features of The Society is that it has many threads, so everyone can identify with someone in the series. It also shows us how hard could it be if bunch of teens were trapped in a place with no exit and they would have to create their government etc. But you don't have to be a teenager to like this TV show! If you are a fan of mystery cases, you should definitely see it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, bye!

Friday, 7 June 2019

Dance and vacation

Hey everyone,

Not A Long Time ago I had my school dance , me and my friend had to open up the dance. Then everyone started dancing Polonez but when we started dancing it started to rain. After polonez there was dinner and there was a lot of snacks and fruits. Whole class was dancing till the end of the dance. Everyone was shocked because the teachers were dancing as well.

Two days after the dance i got some information from my parents that we are going to Spain. I was very happy when i heard the news, because thats going to be my first time outside the country.

I like it here in Spain, because we have nice little house, the house is close to the water, but too bad the water is too  cold to swim in it, but for very lazy days we got lots of activities like going to the pool or going out. Overall i am enjoying my time here.
Soon I will have my graduation. So I will have to write another blog for you guys. I will miss you guys and writing for you guys.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

'The Institute'

So far Stephen King has sold nearly 350 million books, which have been translated into almost every language. King's new novel titled 'The Institute' is set to premiere on September 10, 2019

In the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburban Minneapolis, intruders silently murder Luke Ellis’s parents and load him into a black SUV. The operation takes less than two minutes. Luke will wake up at The Institute, in a room that looks just like his own, except there’s no window. And outside his door are other doors, behind which are other kids with special talents —telekinesis and telepathy — who got to this place the same way Luke did.
Mrs. Sigsby, and her staff are ruthlessly dedicated to extracting from these children the force of their extranormal gifts. If you go along, you get tokens for the vending machines. If you don’t, punishment is brutal. As each new victim disappears to Back Half, Luke becomes more and more desperate to get out and get help. But no one has ever escaped from the Institute. 


In 1979, King met the director of 'Night of the Living Dead' - George A. Romero - and together they've decided to shoot a low budget movie titled 'Creepshow'. King himself debuted as a screenwriter. The flick consisted of five scary stories. An element connecting the stories was a comic book read by a little boy in his bed in the evening. King wanted the comic book owned by the boy to be really  published so that everyone could read it.

The comic book drawings based on the movie script were made by Bernie Wrightson. The 'Creepshow' comic book consists of the same five stories that were included in the film. Two stories were previously published by King in the form of short stories: 'The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill' telling the story of a farmer who found a meteorite in his field, and 'The Crate' about a monster living under the stairs of a university building. The other three stories are: 'Father's Day' about a man who rose from his grave and on his birthday went to visit his daughter, 'Something to Tide You Over' about a husband wreaking revenge on his wife and her lover, and 'They're Creeping Up on You!' about a ruthless rich man getting what he deserves.  
The comic book appeared originally in 1982, before the movie premiere of 'Creepshow'.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Aesir gods

Todays is the second part about Norse dynasties of gods. Previous post was about Vanir gods, now we talk about Æsir gods.

Æsir is a principal pantheon which includes: Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Tyr.
This was a gods dynasty of among the benevolent gods of politics and military activities. Their habitat was placed on the top of a big tree and it was a one of the nine worlds caled Asgard.

The Æsir most likely symbolized the violent aspects of nature, in contrast with the Vanir.
The Aesir have always been a powerful tribe that values strength above all else, always remaining unchallenged until they met their match against the Vanir.
All Aesir seen so far can use elemental power to enhance their physical abilities and weaponry.  

See you soon, Bye!

Vanir gods

Hi, Guys! In this and next post I tell you a little bit about Norse Mythology.

In Norse there were two dynasty of gods: Æsir and Vanir. The older one is Vanir, which was ruling the world till the time a second dynasty overthrow them. These two pantheons wage war against each other, which results in a unified pantheon.
And this post is going to be about the Vanir, hope you like it.

Vanir were gods associated with fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future and are the namesake of the location Vanaheimr. After the Æsir–Vanir War, the Vanir became a subgroup of the Æsir. Subsequently, members of the Vanir are sometimes also referred to as members of the Æsir. The best konown Vanir gods are Freyja, Freyr and Njoror. 

This is Vanaheimr, house of Vanirs gods.
That's all, see you son!

Monday, 3 June 2019


Hi, in this post I’ll show you three ideas to make fish. I hope you’ll like it:)

1. Crispy sea bass


  • 4 spring onions 
  • ½ a bunch of fresh coriander , (15g) 
  • 2 x 300 whole sea bass , scaled, gutted, trimmed, from sustainable sources 
  • 2 tablespoons Thai red curry paste 
  • 1 lime

2. Fish cakes


  • 500 g skinless cod, haddock or pollock fillets, from sustainable sources 
  • 1 large Maris Piper (250g) 
  • 4 tablespoons plain flour 
  • olive oil 
  • 2 tablespoons mixed fresh green herbs, such as dill, chives or parsley 
  • 200 ml mayonnaise , made using free-range eggs

3. Fish cakes 


  • 1 sweet potato , (250g) 
  • 250 g white fish or salmon from sustainable sources , skin off and pin-boned 
  • 500 ml milk 
  • 100 g frozen peas 
  • 2 large free-range eggs 
  • 1 lemon , optional 
  • 100 g oats or Ryvita crackers 
  • olive oil

Friday, 31 May 2019

A strange fish

A week ago I bought fish for my dad , but one of the fish ate them. We gave it to my boyfriend who was happy from this fish got an aquarium.

Later, in order for the fish not to be alone, he bought a strange animal which is called Mexican axolotl. There is a fish during her life turns into a amphibia can be recognized when they swim to the surface of the water and draws air. It will be possible for me to be in my arms, I am so afraid of how to come to a boy to see him and a strange creature to investigate next to him on the ground. I am scared by its size and the fact that it is a predator. It grows to 30 cm and feeds on all smaller fish than it is. Rarity for him are flies and earthworms. My boyfriend, sorely afraid of the first days, the fish did not want to eat anything.

 Yesterday I became convinced and decided to go to feed. I caught earthworms for pensete and put him under the muzzle. I was very surprised how quickly he ate, in a fraction of a second there was no sign of the worm. Day by day, this fish is getting less and less.

A small trip to Świnoujście

Hi everyone!

In the last week, my boyfriend and Hubert went to Świnoujście together to the plot. We had to help Hubert mow the lawn and paint a tree house.

We arrived by train about 10 a.m we got on the ferry and we got to the center. We were hungry so we went to eat something quickly and then went to the plot. I was shocked what a huge plot Hubert has just over the lagoon. We arranged the grass quickly and ate a barbecue and we started painting. Now, after painting, Hubert grandmother arrived, and decided to show us around Świnoujście. I was shocked that so many interesting places are there. I knew only Swinoujscie from the beach and the promenade, it turned out that not only the sea is in Świnoujście. We returned to Szczecin together with Hubert Grandma.

We returned to Dąbie around 9 p.m. We all went to the Dąbskie lakes, but it was not the same as the beautiful lagoon and the sea.

  Bye for now!

Junior high school ball

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow I have a junior high school ball. All girls are constantly talking about dresses and make-up.

I still did not have a dress this morning, but luckily I went to the store with my mother after school. Amazingly, I found a dress. But there were boots and a handbag for that. It was a massacre. After 3 hours I found shoes, a little too small, but I hope I will do it.I found the bag quickly because with my mother we were terribly tired and we went to the first store and we grabbed the first black bag we saw and left the shop.

I am surprised that in one day I found all the outfit for the ball, because my friends had everything ready for the month before the bal.

Bye for now!


The giraffe's chief distinguishing characteristics are its extremely long neck and legs, its horn-like ossicones, and its distinctive coat patterns. It is classified under the family Giraffidae, along with its closest extant relative, the okapi. Its scattered range extends from Chad in the north to South Africa in the south, and from Niger in the west to Somalia in the east. Giraffes usually inhabit savannahs and woodlands. Their food source is leaves, fruits and flowers of woody plants, primarily acacia species, which they browse at heights most other herbivores cannot reach. They may be preyed on by lions, leopards, spotted hyenas and African wild dogs. Giraffes live in herds of related females and their offspring, or bachelor herds of unrelated adult males, but are gregarious and may gather in large aggregations. Males establish social hierarchies through "necking", which are combat bouts where the neck is used as a weapon. Dominant males gain mating access to females, which bear the sole responsibility for raising the young. The giraffe has intrigued various cultures, both ancient and modern, for its peculiar appearance, and has often been featured in paintings, books, and cartoons. It is classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as Vulnerable to extinction, and has been extirpated from many parts of its former range. Giraffes are still found in numerous national parks and game reserves but estimations as of 2016 indicate that there are approximately 97,500 members of Giraffa in the wild. More than 1,600 were kept in zoos in 2010.


Common hippos are recognisable by their barrel-shaped torsos, wide-opening mouths revealing large canine tusks, nearly hairless bodies, columnar legs and large size; adults average 1,500 kg ((3,310 lb)) and 1,300 kg ((2,870 lb)) for males and females respectively. Despite its stocky shape and short legs, it is capable of running 30 km/h ((19 mph)) over short distances. The common hippopotamus inhabits rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps, where territorial bulls preside over a stretch of river and groups of five to thirty females and young. During the day, they remain cool by staying in the water or mud; reproduction and childbirth both occur in water. They emerge at dusk to graze on grasses. While hippopotamuses rest near each other in the water, grazing is a solitary activity and hippos are not territorial on land. The hippopotamus is among the most dangerous animals in the world as it is highly aggressive and unpredictable. They are threatened by habitat loss and poaching for their meat and ivory canine teeth.

European earwig

European earwigs spend the day time in cool, dark, inaccessible places such as flowers, fruits, and wood crevices. Active primarily at night, they seek out food ranging from plant matter to small insects. Though they are omnivorous ((eat both meat and plants)), they are considered scavengers rather than predators. Often they consume plant matter, though they have also been known to feed on aphids, spiders, insect eggs, and dead plants and insects, among other things. Their favorite plants include the common crucifer Hedge-mustard, the white clover Trifolium repens, and the dahlia Dahlia variabilis. They also like to feed on molasses, as well as on nonvascular plants, lichens and algae. They prefer meat or sugar to natural plant material even though plants are a major natural food source. European earwigs prefer aphids to plant material such as leaves and fruit slices of apple, cherry and pear. Adults eat more insects than do nymphs. European earwigs survive well in cool, moist habitats and have an optimum mean growth temperature of 75°F ((24°C.)) Their daily abundance in a given year has been linked to factors such as temperature, wind velocity and the prevalence of easterly winds. The development of European earwigs also depends on temperature. Thus, the occurrence of European earwigs can be predicted based on weather parameters. Hibernating adults can tolerate cool temperatures, but their survival is reduced in poorly drained soils such as clay. To avoid excessive moisture, they seek the southern side of well drained slopes. Sometimes they also occupy the hollow stems of flowers where the soil is poorly drained. Their eggs are capable of resisting damage from cold and heat.


Mantises are among the insects most widely kept as pets. Because the lifespan of a mantis is only about a year, people who want to keep mantises often breed them. In 2013 at least 31 species were kept and bred in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States. In 1996 at least 50 species were known to be kept in captivity by members of the Mantis Study Group. Typically green or brown and well camouflaged on the plants among which they live, mantis lie in ambush or patiently stalk their quarry. They use their front legs to snare their prey with reflexes so quick that they are difficult to see with the naked eye. Their legs are further equipped with spikes for snaring prey and pinning it in place. By any name, these fascinating insects are formidable predators. They have triangular heads poised on a long "neck," or elongated thorax. Mantids can turn their heads 180 degrees to scan their surroundings with two large compound eyes and three other simple eyes located between them.

'The last House on the Left'

Hi everyone!

This is the last time for this month and in today's post I want to tell you about really scary and holding in suspense movie that title is 'The Last House on the Left'. The director is Dennis Iliadis and I'm really thankful for this amazing movie.

The plot show us a happy family which left a city for the little vacation house in the forest. The main characters are John Collingwood (Tony Goldwyn) who is the father and he's a doctor, Emma Collingwood (Monica Potter) who is the mom and their talented daughter - Mari Collingwood (Sara Paxton). The girl leave for meeting with friend. Girls were kidnapped, raped and one of them was killed, but Mari escaped. When her parents heard what happened to their daughter, John and Emma decided to get revenge. When they found out a group of killers the bloody night was started.

I really like this horror. It was scary, really moving and I almost cried on it. I recommend this film to all of people whos don't mind that kind of harsh scenes. 

Bye for now!

'Happy Death Day'

Hello everyone!

Today in my post I'll tell you about horror movie that I watched at my friend's place. The director is Christopher Landon and the title of this interesting horror is 'Happy Death Day'. I hope you'll enjoy!

The plot tells us about a young student - Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) who was murdered. Everyday she wakes up in the same day with the same date on calendar and spend that 24 hours in the exactly same way. When she starts to understand and find out she died today and this is why she live in one day all the time, she want discover who killed her and why.

This movie was just fine. I don't know what can I say. Scenes and actors were okay, sometimes I was bored but that was only two or three times. The mystery of "murderer" was interesting and I think that part of plot was the best.

See ya!